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An Orange County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with perjury and insurance fraud for allegedly engaging in heavy CrossFit exercises while collecting compensation for work-related injuries. Nicholas Zappas, 36, of Laguna Niguel was arrested on Friday and charged with 11 felony counts of ... READ MORE >>

Physical Separation and Clerical Office Separation Physical separation is required when applying the Multiple Enterprises rule in Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section III, General Classification Procedures, Rule 3. The term Physical Separation or Physically Separated is defined at Section II, Classification Terminology, Rule 21: READ MORE >>

What happens when a policyholder doesn’t cooperate with a final audit? We will attempt to publish an experience modification excluding the unaudited payroll, but using all of the reported losses. The Experience Rating Plan does not allow the use of estimated or unaudited payroll in the experience modification calculation. READ MORE >>

AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK OR VAN CONVERSION OR CUSTOMIZING – all operations – including estimators and customer service representatives who inspect vehicles This classification applies to employers engaged in the conversion or customizing of automobiles, trucks or vans by performing a combination of mechanical, chassis, body, paint, upholstery and accessory installation work. READ MORE >>

Classifying Automotive Repair Operations AUTOMOBILE OR TRUCK REPAIR FACILITIES – no retail gasoline sales – all employees – including estimators, service writers and customer service representatives – N.O.C.  - 8389 READ MORE >>

A workers’ compensation policy typically insures a single entity (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.). More than one entity may be insured on a policy, but only when the entities share majority common ownership. Separate policies are required for entities that do not share majority common ownership. READ MORE >>

CLOTHING MFG. – including embroidery manufacturing  - 2501 This classification includes clothing manufacturers that design garments, even if some or all of the production sewing or assembling operations are subcontracted. READ MORE >>

NEW RULE FOR 2016 WCIRB - EXPERIENCE MODIFICATION The WCIRB submitted its January 1, 2016 Regulatory Filing to the California Department of Insurance on June 26, 2015 proposing changes to the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan —1995 (Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan) and READ MORE >>

Every year WCIRB Field Representatives visit nearly 18,000 California employer business locations to conduct classification inspections. Following each site visit, the Field Representative produces a Classification Inspection Report summarizing the employer’s operations and identifying which classifications are assignable to each identified operation or process. READ MORE >>

Last week, the WCIRB submitted a regulatory filing to the California Department of Insurance proposing a number of changes to the Insurance Commissioner’s regulations. See WCIRB Submits Regulatory Filing for details. READ MORE >>

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